I managed to crack on tonight and get him done.

As with most things he looks better in real life.

He was a great mini to paint, I do like the Civilians in the Flintloque range. My intention is to get them all, his wife Lady Anna is definitely high on my list if I can find her.

So far I have the Trolkin civilians, Valon as well as the dwarf civilians. Elf ladies and males, most of the Orc civilians, various priests and the odd one or two I have forgotten..

A couple more images of Sir Willorcby…

The basing materials is from Luke’s APS. I decided to give it a bash and I am pleased with it. It does what it says on the tin… PVA then dunk or sprinkle the base with the contents and voila all done and dusted. I went for the Patchy Plains, but I think I may get some of the other base ready pots for the various different theatres…

Tomorrow I may Crack on with the heroes of the rifles…

7 thoughts on “Sir Willorcby…All Finished

  1. Thought it strange that I hadn’t seen anything from you lately and then discovered I was no longer following you! Don’t know what happened there as I don’t recall touching anything. Apologies my friend but we are now up and running! 😊

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      1. All very odd but I think I have caught up reading now, as I expected you had been busy and in a variety of ways. Some good stuff you’ve got going on from the look of it all. I need to check out this Kickstarter concept as there is some interestkig stuff going on but I need to understand it more. Now iI’m going to check to see if I’ve got an issue with anyone else’s!

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