I started on a couple of the bikes,

The one thing about the bikes is they aren’t really what you would expect for a Wasteland bike gang. These are a bit more Van Saar than Ratskin Renegades as a Necromunda analogy.

You can tell their age, if one compared the plastics now to these from then, there is absolutely no contest. You can’t really tell on the photos, but the gun butt goes right across the body of the rider. I will paint them all up on bright coloured bikes, but with the same dark coloured leathers.

My drivers have been dispatched, which means I can get the cars finished soon. The piping on the interceptor was glued down and given it a blue wash. I am considering adding the missile launchers on backwards to the side holes just visible above the green bike. These would become either boosters or smoke dispensers. As the end of the hose is directly above the hole it might work….🤔

What else have I been up to…

As I have recently got back into playing Fallout 4, I thought I would share one of my favourite songs on Diamond City Radio…


I have a new idea for a new book…

Murder on the Tringaloongahulahumbele Express!

It was a rather nice evening yesterday…

Tonight wasn’t too bad either…

Sadly the tablet wasn’t able to cope with the differing light levels…the distant hills were a lot more visible to the naked eye.

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