I started on a plaza for my temple tonight.

Sadly I only had one thickness of blue foam, so it is a bit thicker than I wanted. The foam is held together by pins until the PVA dries. I fully intended to do something a bit bigger and a bit more complex. But the stronghold in the game must sit within a six inch square (600 paces) and must be bigger than 2 inches (200 paces). Technically I could have simply shoved the temple down, but it did look a bit weird just on its own. However this looks a bit weird on its own too. I suppose, I realise that Temples didn’t just sit in the open in their own…I really must get a life!

Once the PVA is dry I will attack it with some kitchen foil to add some texture and then get it painted in the same colours

The other thing I managed to do was the Triffid’s appendages…

Its not quite how I wanted it to be, I may repaint the ends as they went a bit brighter than I wanted. I am pleased with the way it looks, just not the colour.

Oh and while I remember, after some lovely photos of sunny days out, today it is blowing an absolute hooligan an£ P*ssing it down.

9 thoughts on “Temple Complexes and Triffids

  1. Late to bed tonight, but that’s given me the chance to catch the latest progress update. All looking good! How have you put the stone pattern on the walls and plaza floor, ’cause that looks good! Like the triffid as well. And as far as weather’s concerned, normal service has been resumed, unfortunately!

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  2. Both looking very good and the plaza really gives the temple a lift. As for the weather, not buying it without photos. While it might be pissing down over the rest of the UK I’m not convinced it is in the Shetlands. I reckon this is how you keep the place to yourself and am convinced you actually have sunshine and calm seas 😉.

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