Only a smidge done tonight, I have been carrying on converting the byre again today.

I was going to spray them, but unfortunately half a dozen Guinea Pigs are in the shed where I would normally spray things, come to think of it a lot of 8×4 OSB sheets are in the way too.

It was down to the brush and some dark brown.

I may give them a dark wash tomorrow, but I will see how I feel when I have a look at them again.

I had a mess around with some Greenstuff the other day and made some Jungle bits to go with my Lurker MKII.

I was quite pleasantly surprised when I painted them up… the tree stump still needs a bit of a dry brush and highlighting.

To be honest I rather like how they look on the Snake base.

A few tea leaves and other herbs to act as ground cover and I think it will look rather good.

Tomorrow I will crack on with the Conquistadors. I also got an email from the lovely people at Alternative Armies to say that my order had been dispatched. I should have the Leonardo tank in a couple of days 👍.

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