Blue, sand and russet tunics done…

Some trousers done on them using the same three colours.

Still a long way to go but I feel that the end is definitely closer than the beginning. The problem is that they are now at the ‘they look really crap’ stage which I seem to hit with everything I paint. I sometimes think that photographing them as I go along doesn’t help.

Take the following picture as an example…

Was my first thought ‘wow look how far I have come’ err no my first thought was that pale horse with the camel needs another wash, it is far too bright.

I know for a fact that once the rider is painted in and the groundwork is done then it won’t stick out as much.

I decided to call it a night early as quite frankly I am knackered.

I will get onto the greys and creams tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Mongol Cavalry II

  1. Making progress! I know what you mean about getting so far and thinking things are not quite right, but you’ll be the best judge of how it’s going to turn out! If I wasn’t quite sure, I’d maybe finish one of the four units (it looks like you’ve got them arranged in four distinct groups in the pic) and take it from there! But, you are working through them faster than I’d manage!

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    1. I am trying to blast through the lights before I start on the rest of the army. I want them finished as they have sat there since 2016. I put them in the four groups to help with the photograph, but funnily enough after I had I did then think of four distinct groups 👍

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