Some more work on these…

These have had the wash on, not that you can tell ☹️

I will highlight them tomorrow

I also got manes and tails done. Mostly grey or black to be honest.

I also started on the tunics and breeches. I started with red …. as is a bit obvious based on the photo!

I will get some blue and a sand colour onto the clothing tomorrow, a smattering of green and grey then they will be all finished…..I wish.

I am enjoying doing these though. I am trying to remember to make them bright so that they stand out.

I did find an unusual miniature in amongst the rest

His tunic is longer than the rest…. just checked on the Pendraken website… evidently he is Subedai… being a bit incognito as I know that I didn’t order the commander pack… I better check, as I might have done. If so Genghis and Jebei have also gone undercover too!

Tonight’s painting was brought to you by ‘Kingdom of Heaven’

I don’t have a film with Mongols in it, so this had to suffice. I haven’t seen it for ages and forgot how much I liked it

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