Tonight I was working Late (ish) on converting the old byre (I took this photo earlier in the day).

Then after tea and a bath, followed by a family DVD night I had no chance to paint anything.

Instead my daughter and I had a look through our RPG bag.

Behold… our figure storage for all of our heroes, baddies and NPC’s

This little lot holds around 60 ‘figures’ and could quite easily hold around 500 more!

They are all card from the very talented Okum Arts. I used to use plastic and metal figures and these took up time to paint and space to store. One day I had an epiphany and I started hunting for flats. Eventually, after a fair bit of searching on RPGNow. I found a style I really liked. They were bright and colourful and a little bit cartoony.

To my mind David Okum was the artist I was looking for. The good thing about the card minis is that one can print as many as you like.

So let’s have a look at our heroes first.

A ranger, a wood elf of Mirkwood and a couple of hobbits from the Shire

These four have battled many foes around Bree.

Some of them are below:

Orcs and Wargs


Another thing I like about these is that the colours can be changed to add a bit of variety. These are green and grey, but there are about four different shades to choose from.

Civilians – with the layering option weapons can be removed, really handy if you want unarmed characters to stand out.

There are lots of races to choose from, I think I pretty much bought them all

Occasionally I need a troll or four!

I seem to have misplaced my ents, which is a bit of a pain as they are really good too.

As you might have guessed I like my Tolkein and the Roleplaying game that hits the spot in my mind is…

Moving away from the RPG side of things…. to

One of the other things I bought from Okum Arts was an awesome winter game called Snowball wars. This fun little game has everything you need apart from dice to allow you to print and play. We haul it out every winter and the kids all gang up on me.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get something painted.

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