Okay I didn’t manage to get anything done tonight…

I have been working on the shed and after only four hours sleep I was somewhat pooped.

I painted these about ten years ago for my friend. I wanted them done quickly so I set to work using whatever inks and washes I had. The only actual paint I used was anything metallic.

These were a joy to paint. The portly gentleman on the left had his muskatoon converted into one the fired a stake as befits gypsy vampire hunters.

These are all from Westwind (well from what I remember). I painted up a fair few of these for him, but these were the only ones of his I did with this method.

I tested the theory on this chap to see if it would work.

Here are a few more that I did…

I was quite pleased with the misty base… not so much with the eyes. Following on are one of the child vampires and a rather pale young lady.

The one thing I find looking back at these is that I have made improvements from then to now. Even at a basic level of the bases. What I would like to do sometime, is to get these last two figures again and paint them how I do now. I wonder what the difference would be?

2 thoughts on “Painting with Washes

    1. Hi Pete, yep straight over a white undercoat. The original idea from what I remember was that one was meant to paint them a dark brown, then dry brush the whole mini white. I just sprayed them white and they came out fine. I just had to go over the recesses a few times. They were super speedy to do đź‘Ť. I may have a go again sometime.

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