Only nine more to go!

Well I eventually managed to finish sewing on first shoe. The fun bit is going to be turning it the right way round. Now if I had been sensible I would have started with the biggest, then things would get quicker as they got progressively smaller.

I also managed to get shoe maker finger, caused by pulling the linen thread tight. Sliced right into the little finger on both hands.

This thing has driven me demented. I really am out of practice.

To begin with I put the sole on upside down, then part way around I realised that the upper was to big for the sole. A bit of remedial cutting was required to get it to fit.

It is too big for my youngest but as it is inside out, it will shrink a bit as it is turned.

back to the sewing I go!

Once they are both done I will shove them into a bucket of water for a good while to soften the leather and then get them turned the right way out. This usually involves a great deal of swearing and funny grunting noises. So if you hear a lot of expletives in a Geordie accent carried on the wind you will know who it is.

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