Well okay not exactly sleeping.

I made a teeny bit of progress last night. They have a base coat of Cadian fleshtone.

I will give them a highlight of Kislev flesh tonight.

The reason for lack of painting…a new game

Now for the disclaimer…. funnily enough I would never shoot an animal in real life. I have in the past, what people may call vermin. I didn’t enjoy it, but to be truthful I did enjoy the bit right up to where I pulled the trigger.

I now stalk the odd otter, seal or other wild beastie with a camera. As I only have an 80×200 zoom on it I have to get pretty close.

I have enjoyed what I have played so far. There is 50 square miles to mess about in. I enjoy the tracking a particular animal down. Yesterday it took me half an hour of real time to track a wild boar. Up hill and down valley. The wind was always in his favour, hence the time it took. When I eventually caught up with him the game glitched and he was running about in a weird pattern. He was one lucky pig!

The worst bit is seeing how many animals I spooked. It breaks it down into scent, sight and sound. Based on those scores there were a lot more animals about than I had even seen.

the game itself is beautiful.

I snaffled these from the game’s website. The PS4 version probably isn’t as high definition as these but it is pretty close.

I shall carry on exploring the countryside in Central Europe. I should be able to find a bison and bear.

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