I was going to run a gladiator participation game at this years games day. The problem was simple enough rules, that didn’t involve loads of complications.

The Rules I own so far are:


Blue sky, red sand,


Are you not entertained?

Warhammer historical – Gladiator 

Gladiator wars

I was considering running the Warhammer ones, then by chance I came across a model arena in a terrain forum. This arena had a set of cards next to it…after a few people asked what the rules were. EM4 Ludus Gladiatorius.

I ordered a set on 19th and to my surprise the package arrived on 21st. Bearing in mind it normally takes an extra day to get things here. So a big thank you to EM4 for their excellent service.

The game comes with everything you need, including 5 painted Gladiators 

The mechanics are simple- roll the combat dice and if the swords are greater than the shields then it is a hit. The tokens are for special actions – Savage attack, Feint, Dodge, Doughty defence. Each gladiator gets 7 such special actions and are crossed off when used. When played these are hidden from an opponent until the attack/defence is undertaken, this stops sneaky people changing their action to counter the special action played.

I will try it out with the kids today and see how it plays out. I know that EM4 are working on an upgraded set of rules, but these are nice an simple and ideal for what I want.

The one thing that I think is missing is a retiarius, but I think I have some knocking around somewhere. I should be able to knock up some stats based on the light gladiator in this set. He will probably be able to attack at a distance.

Update: I found my Gladiators and some lions….. just have to paint them now 😱

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