A Touch up on the Mud

Tonight I just got the 15mm Monster Hunter bases touched up. I painted in the foot area that hadn’t been covered by the basing gunk.

I redid the palanquin bearers and added them to a lolly stick. Typically my thin superglue decided to stick the lid to the bottle and it will take some pliers to get it off.

I got a few pleasant surprises today, first off, I got a new set of rules…

I also suddenly remembered that my mate gave me some miniatures before Christmas…

As you can see I got the odd one or two… some Warlord Ashigaru and some kind of dark dwarves, never seen them before.

A Night Off

It has been one of those weeks and tonight I decided to have a night off.

My Irregular Miniatures order has now been shipped…

The parcel should be here Monday. Hopefully I will be inntye mood tomorrow to do some of the things I already have.

Tercio Shot

Well I did get these finished this evening. Not a huge amount done, but at least that is another unit down…

I still have a pile undercoating. I just had a look at the Irregular ones and they are covered in sand like the skirmish screen.

I will keep plugging away at these until they are finished.

Fallout 4

Well my youngest got me back into playing Fallout 4 from the beginning again. I really forgot how much I liked it. I am only at the lower levels and have hardly got a long way on the map, which as people who play the game know is huge.

Part of me does fancy the board game or the miniature game, but I do wonder if I would get anyone to play it with.

I am off to the Corvega Assembly Plant just now to get rid of some raiders.

As you can tell, I am not painting this evening as it has been one if those days and we have only finished dinner half an hour ago. Here is hopingbthat tomorrow will be more productive.

6mm Italian Wars

This evening I set about getting some more work done on my Small Italian wars miniatures…

I finished the ones at the back and made a good start on the Tercio shot. Hopefully these will get some more done on them tomorrow.

We had beef stew and dumplings for our evening meal today. My middle child is gluten intolerant so we made her a separate portion in the only thing we had that could go in the oven…

We are going to open a trendy restaurant and serve meals in Pyrex jugs…I reckon there is a market for it.

Having a Rant…Sort of…

Well as you might know I do like a bit of online gaming, and indeed sometimes I do get a bit miffed as tactics seem to be something that  aren’t considered. I mean who drives a tank into a built up area without infantry support. Come to think of it an M8 armoured car survived three hits from my Tiger, so did various Shermans.

Secondly, I had a look on Facebook to see what gaming videos were there and I was a bit surprised to see scantily clad young ladies ‘playing’ games. One if them actually had a controller in her hand 🤣. I mean I am not a prude by any way or means. But it was a bit pathetic at the amount of blokes commenting and sending tips. I mean for the young lady in question she is making a fortune and as such is very enterprising. But do the blokes honestly think that they are in with a chance. In a way it was actually quite depressing watching fellow bloke make a complete arse of themselves.

Accidental Night Off.

Well, I intended to get various bits and bobs done tonight. I was sat here eating a shortcrust mince pie and suddenly realised that it was 21.45. I still need a bath and sort out for work tomorrow.

Therefore, there will be no painting or anything tonight… hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!