Bushi Buntai

Today I printed off some more 15mm miniatures. Only problem I had was losing a foot.

I was feeling so much better today, then bam .. at 16.30 whatever string had been holding me up was suddenly cut and off to bed I needed to go.

Still positive and although the government says I can return to work tomorrow I have decided to take another day.

New Reading Material

Today I got some new books…

This evening I also started printing a Bushi Force on the resin printer. I also chose a barge (of all things) to print on the Filament one as a test.

The following image is June’s Patreon release from Highland Miniatures.

The leader on a giant flying creature is missing from the photo. As are the terrain items.

Sohei Monk Buntai

Today I felt a lot better, but overdid it and had to lie down for a couple of hours.

I did a number of reports and as a reward to myself I was allowed to sort out the Sohei.

I got them washed and cured, based and undercoated… here they are:

So from left to right…

Senior with a tetsubo

Three Sohei with naginata

Two initiates with yumi

Two initiates with teppo

So this list may look familiar, that is because it is the list used for the 28mm boxed Ronin Sohei miniatures set.

I bought the rules on pdf and can I find them? So to make a quick list I copied that one. I have ordered a paper copy but it won’t be here for a while.

I also printed of a trio of Onna-Musha (female warriors). Two are armed with a naginata and another a bow.

Sort of excited here… new contrast paints have been announced. There are some very useful colours in there. I am really looking forward to getting a good purple.

Health Update

Well I made it to 22:30 before needing to retire. I have been hot and cold all day and my back was a nightmare most of the day too.

I managed to have a couple of meetings today as well as answer some emails. So as a reward I sliced some Sohei for Ronin. I was going to do a samurai force but unfortunately the miniatures were sorted into groups of four or eight miniatures.

The ones I did do will be ready by tomorrow morning.

New Patreon Starts

So in my pain filled time in bed, in between sleeping and yelping (sadly my back is still buggered) I had a mooch on my minifactory and ended up joining Highland Miniatures on their Patreon …they can be found here

I have been considering them for a good while and eventually bit the bullet.

The following image popped up in my Google image reminders, I made this kit to help out a school who wanted to visit the castle and have a Knight in it. I didn’t have the heart to tell them the castle was from the 16th century


Just call me Typhoid Mary!

Started to feel cold and shivery, started feeling a bit sick and have lost my appetite… so just to be on the safe side I took a Covid test….

The T line appeared almost instantaneously…. Definitely no faint lines for me!

I suppose on the upside I can have a lie in on Monday. On the downside all this uncontrollable shivering is not good for my bad back!

Alea iacta est

Okay, totally out of context but Joe came over this evening for a yarn about what we fancy playing in the future.

We also had a quick gladiatorial game too.

It started of easy enough, my Retiarius against his Murmillo.

He won initiative and hit my boy for three wounds, unperturbed I struck back and totally missed.

A couple of turns later I managed to get him in my net, I had already dropped it once!

I totally failed to hit him, even when he was wrapped up…

I managed to get some solid hits onto him but not enough to delay the inevitable…

It was nice to dust off the arena again… obviously I now want more Gladiators!

Two Barons

Okay not exactly, but I followed Eric’s advice and put a brown wash over the red. This desaturated the colour a bit…

Brown wash on the left, original on the right. I definitely am a lot happier

The Baron is Thirsty

Tonight I got the vampire finished. To be honest I am not too happy with him…

I think it is the colours I chose as I really like the pose. I am torn to be honest. Part of me thinks repaint and another part thinks sod it… he is painted. There is of course another option and that is to print another one, look at some reference photos and start again.

We never got our game on Monday as my lot weren’t feeling well so we are going to have a try of something on Friday as well as plot some games. I decided to purchase some paper armies to try out Strength and Honour. I will still use the 2mm minis but might base them differently. Each ‘base’ is a legion two are on temperate ground and two are on arid.

Worzel Gummidge… He Isn’t

This evening I managed one miniature done. This was deliberate rather than an inability to get two done.

Here he is…

A bit of a scary chap I think you will agree. Now I normally say something like it takes me about half an hour or so. Tonight I decided to actually time myself….so this chap took me…

Yes from start to finish he took me 29 minutes to do. I wasn’t rushing, just painting in my normal way.

On this one I went in the followingorder… boots, green smock, trousers, brown jacket. This was to allow some drying time for each of the different parts. The mask was a mix of zombie green and orange with various splodges of orange over the top while still wet. I also added leather brown into the eye sockets then used my thumb to remove paint from the eyes. These were then dotted with red.

Once again superglue on the base and showed in the base ready. A quick zip around the edges with my super wide black sharpie and voilà one scary scarecrow. Start to finish thirty minutes.

In case anyone is wondering..this is Worzel Gummidge…


Worzel was played by John Pertwee, who also played Doctor Who… I know which I prefer and it isn’t a wierd scarecrow from Ten Acre field!

Oh while I remember, the four beasties are by Tytantroll miniatures.

One day I will work out how to tag people on my blog as they really are lovely miniatures…I really fancy having a go at some of the miniature busts..there are some really great ones, the only reason I haven’t got one yet is because I can’t decide on one.

Finally, I said I had only painted one mini this evening, part way through writing this I decided to make a start on the vampire.