Printing Presents and a Trip to the Beach

Well the printer has kindly let me print eight of the ten miniatures. I need to do the Marshall and the sergeant. I also bought the set that means I can choose what they are armed with. There will be a second squad armed with shields and hand weapons and then a heavy weapon squad too. So this is where we are at now…

The one on the right had a support failure… his arm is a little on the thin side. I will reprint him and probably use this one as a test model to get an idea on colours for them. The two I really like are the one reloading and the one with his finger to his headset, obviously calling for backup.

While I was looking for something to put on the 15mm pack mule I found this chap instead… he is one of my original Necromunda gangers. Obviously he is a little worse for wear now having been bounced around in a box for the last …goodness knows how long. I do reckon he deserves a repaint!

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, we went to the beach on Sunday afternoon. I did a post on my other (sadly neglected) blog Here . I have got a few more ideas in the back of my head on what to do on there next… I just need to find time to do the research first.

Ancient Greek Psiloi

Yep I made a start on the next batch this evening… not much to say really….

Oh there are some more baggage carriers too, with their adopted mule, that I have had for about 20 years. I stole one of the minis to go with the cart, the mule filled his space on the base… here is the cart and funky nude musicians.

Ancient Greek Donkey Wallopers

Today was a busy one, I added three double sockets to my Wife’s office. She had been working with a long extension, so it really needed doing. I got into a rage only a couple of times, First was when the previous owner had stripped a screw on the socket face and I couldn’t get it out, second was when the trunking decided it wasn’t going to allow me to get the front back off, any other time you look at it and it falls off, but not when I wanted to.

Even with my tribulations, I managed to get things painted tonight…

My extra bits came today too…

I also got some printing done…

A Night Off… Sort of!

This evening I fully intended to get something painted, but as the famous bloke once said the best laid plans… I decided to get my mate some Imperial Arbiters (or a printable version) for his birthday, I had seen them somewhere online and came up with my first problem… firstly I couldn’t remember what they were called and secondly… I couldnt remember who made them… this led to a number of dead ends, confusion and internal grumpyness. in the end however I did manage to find the company that made something else that I had seen and then voila it all came back.

Anyway, this is what I purchased for his birthday….

I got the Matrriach and Augur as I thought I might be able to fiddle about with their hands to allow them to join the Sisters of battle… i have a feeling that the Arbiters weapons may be a bit on the large side, but we shall see. If nothing else I am sure they would fit in with the Mordheim idea!

It would seem that Monstrous Encounters are a patreon and these are some of the items that they have for sale, they do have some awesome stuff and to be honest, I did think about the Arbiters for a Necromunda force. they do have a couple Delaquesque sets – this is how I first found them. They also do Heroquest stuff, their minis do look like the originals – even down to the bases… I was very tempted! They also have a pile of Brettonian – or rather not Brettonian’s … I dont want them getting into trouble with GW.

Seriously though, I would have a look at them and see what you think…. maybe I am just being a bit of a fan boy… I will let you know how I get on.

Oh While I remember, this laptop has no working ‘p’ so I am having to paste each one in… so if you find a misspelled word tat seems to be missing a certain letter then you know why!

Inky, Pinky, Ponky, Stavros had a Donkey

In case you are wondering… Donkey died, Stavros cried, Inky, Pinky, Ponky… so this evening I continued with the Ancient Greek support elements and finished (I think) the baggage train…

These actually took longer to do than I thought they would… But at least they got sorted. A random goat seemed to have sneaked into the cavalcade too. I just realised that both of the humans are walking away from it… evidently it is a very smelly goat😉.

I also made a start on the cavalry force… or should that be Forcette?

Obviously the Companion horseman shouldn’t be with the earlier lot, but hey, he was free, so he got painted.

I am going to try and get The horsemen done tomorrow and then will make a start in the psiloi, before moving onto the heavies. It would be good if I could get them finished in a week. I managed it with the Aztecs, so here is hoping.

Kebab on the Hoof

Tonight I was a bit pooped, as I didn’t sleep too well last night, but nevertheless I decided to paint something simple, so I made a start on the Ancient Greeks and did the goat herds…

Two down, thirty to go!

The slinger is evidently there to drive off the wolves. So as you know I said I wasn’t getting anything more till I made an inroad on what I already had, as I technically made an inroad on the Greeks then I bought myself some transfers for the shields. My original plan was to paint everything by hand, but as I want them done fast I thought better of it… unfortunately when I was purchasing the shield designs my hand must have slipped and I inadvertently purchased some pipe players and a cart pulled by onagers to go with the force.

I picked up the helmet half a dozen times this evening, but put it back each time. I really couldn’t be bothered to get the foam clay out and set to work on the gaps. I have noticed a few YouTubers using Scroll Saws to cut the foam. So as I have an rather old one in my shed then I thought I might give it a go and see what happens.

They All Fitted

Tonight I decided to get the Greeks undercoated, ready to start painting tomorrow. I managed to squeeze them all onto my rotating spray doodah.

I also got an email response back about the Printer today, they wanted a video sent of it acting up so I duly did so, they came back and said I needed an new motherboard and that it was on its way to me. So I have about two weeks to go before it arrives so I had better get cracking with the 15mm stuff above.

I reworked the ear bits and cheek pieces on the helmet this evening, it is beginning to come together. I need to get my sander on it to smooth things out. The flooring foam is not as good as the more expensive high density stuff. The cheap foam is a bit on the soft side.

How Much???

So I have a Rav4 to pull the trailer and caravan, it’s brakes were sounding a bit rubbish side, so I duly put it into the garage… evidently I need all four sorting along with two handbrake cables… so I asked him how much it would cost… he said ‘it will come in under the grand…not much under’. Well as they need doing, they need doing, but Needless to say next time I will be pricing up before hand. We only put it there as it was under warranty, but as we expected brakes aren’t included.

So baked beans for tea for the next month! Anyway to cheat myself up I decided I wanted to paint something fast… so this is what I decided upon!

These are my Z range Greeks from Museum Miniatures… the lone cavalryman was a z range sample… don’t quite get that, but never mind. He is a Heavy cavalryman and the others are lights. I also have a baggage train and the ubiquitous goats too.

I will get them sprayed tomorrow and start on the painting on Wednesday. I also decided to do something different on the helmet as the cheek pieces didn’t exactly work… so this is my cardboard mock up….

I might need to fiddle around with the ear area, but the problem is that you cannot really see your own ears… I will requisition a child tomorrow to assist me.

A Small Amount Done

By small amount I mean took something off the Resin Printer! After being a total swine yesterday it did manage to successfully print the miniatures in the end…

The Lion Knight on the right had his arm rebuilt as his had failed to print

I didn’t get much done on the old hobby side, but today has been bonkers, got my daughter riding, did the pony’s hoofs, went to a new fish place and got some new fish, redesigned my wife’s office, worst bit was removing the original desk. We bought the desk really cheaply before we built the office, so the office went up around the desk. we have replace it with something 2cm (about an inch) smaller and rotated it through 90 degrees and all of a sudden the office looks twice the size.

As per normal, I don’t have any cable to finish the job. I knew I should have bought a roll of it last time I was in town. I also need a couple of sockets too, as the ones I have re-used are a bit manky.

Minis off to their New Home

So I managed to get the miniatures sprayed today and as my mate came round for a barbecue then he got to take them home.

I still have the final sister of Battle and a Nid’ to do for him, but I will get some things to do for myself.

The printer has been a total bastard again today and is honestly getting worse, I have tried to do another set of miniatures but it failed to print at least twice…hopefully it will be successful… third time lucky!

I received some reinforcements from my mate for the painting

I have been messing with the helmet for my daughter this evening…

Yours truly had to try it on 😂