Kaiserliche Äthermarine Vessels

Tonight I got these off the print bed… again two of the smaller vessels, but this time on the German side…

Destroyer left and Gunboat right. The destroyer has a torpedo rack aft.

The stands are being printed just now, so hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to show you them in their entirety. These take 2x1mm neodymium magnets to attach the weaponry, typically mine are all 3x1mm. I should have some with me soon, along with another bottle of resin.

These do need support and I sat them at an angle with the stern nearest the bed… you can play around with the angle, the British were done at 45 degrees and the German at about 40.

This was from the British print. I had forgotten to change the support settings, so I had 78% coverage and also heavy supports… not sure why…

I will check on the stands inba minute and get the next pair printing before bed.

Sadly no pikes tonight as I have a stinking tooth ache again. The pain killers eventually dulled it to a constant nagging discomfort. I will attempt to get to a dentist sometime soon.

In the Navy…

Ooh I am very excited as Triple Ace Games sent me a couple of British and German Ironclads of the Aether Navy to print and paint. Lots of Victorian Derring Do on the horizon methinks.

So I got a quick start guide and two German and two British vessels. As well as some play aids too. So a big thank you to Rob and Wiggy for giving me a go.

So here we have a British destroyer, left and a British Gunboat right. I have placed the guns on as these take magnets to allow for weapon swaps. These are sitting in the shed to get rid of the ISO fumes. I will cure them tomorrow. They also have a stand for each.

Now these are at the smaller end of the miniatures, with the resin printer I got these two done in just under 5 hours and used about 50ml of resin, so not bad time wise and cost wise.

I am not 100% sure when the kickstarter will drop, but Wiggy will be glad when it does as it will stop me pestering him about it.

So far there are three forces, the Americans, British and Germans.

I want to be honest here, Wiggy is a good mate, and I want to help him and Rob out by showing off their new game. So hopefully I will do things Justice in my printing and painting.