Totoro and a Two Legged Moose

Today my daughter wanted to do some drawing so we decided to draw Totoro as Studio Ghibli films are her favourite. I printed her a Totoro (which is evidently a mispronunciation of Troll) the other day. I need to get some Greenstuff on the drain hole on his head. Luckily I put it on the leaf so then I can make a stalk to hide it.

So anyway my pictures ended up like this…

As for the two legged moose… here he is….not sure what happened to him, but I really think I am going to cease printing for a while as it is very cold in there.

He really is a rather nice model, he comes with a female and a calf too. I might just paint him anyway and shove him in some heavy brush.

Dogs, Cannibals and a Vampire

So my doggies and cannibals came off the build plate…eventually. Bloody things were stuck solid. I really think I need to have a look at what is causing it (probably the build plate is scratched to heck). I am seriously thinking of getting a flexible plate cover. This way things should technically pop off.

Anyway, first up the dogs and cannibals.

I really do like the pack dogs 😀. The cannibals are quite funky too.

I also found my mounted vampire tonight, so I think I will paint him up the same as the one on foot. Handy for Skirmish gaming…

The horse is resting on a hair bobble, he hasn’t got a weird halo!

Slicing, Printing and Swearing

Tonight I got the last five cavalry sliced and onto he memory card to get printed, unfortunately the printer decided it was having other thoughts and then though getting stuck in the resin was a good idea. Luckily I managed to get the print head up and then cleaned off,of course then it decided to work perfectly.

So at the minute I am busy printing off two of the remaining five French cavalry. These two came off earlier this evening…

I also added some of my stuff onto the build plate too, I went for Glorfindel mounted on a horse. The horse is with one and he is with the other set. Hopefully I will get them done soon.

I will have to get myself sorted over the Christmas break and start doing things in an organised manner. Either paint or get rid of the printed stuff already done before I start printing more. I had to stop myself going for another Kickstarter as in reality I don’t need age of sail ships!

Bits and Pieces

Tonight I managed to get some more paint on the 15mm Japanese civilians…

I printed off the rest of the dismounted troops and am in the process of doing the other two mounted. As I think I said last night, I reduced the cure time by a second to 8 seconds a layer and then changed the layer height to 0.04mm. This saved a huge amount of time print wise.

You can see the difference in my calculations above. Cav 1and 2 took six hours 53 minutes but last cav took four hours 49 minutes. A couple of hours quicker. Makes a big difference in the long run.

So here are the ten dismounted Troopers…

By this time tomorrow I should have half of the mounted troops printed. Once they are all done then I can go for some more of my stuff.

Printing and Painting

Yep, I actually got around to painting things this evening. I also managed to coax the resin printer into life to try some dismounted WW2 dragoons.

I sliced a pair and a couple of singles as well as the four dismounted types… you can see the times below. These are with 9 seconds per layer. First lot should be out around about midnight tonight.

As the title suggests, I even painted something today, not a huge amount, but any progress, however small, is still progress !

First off I got some more paint onto the traveller and the cat and then splashed some paint onto the Neolithic hunters…

Hopefully I will carry on again tomorrow and get some more done.

STL’s…. Arrrrggghhh

Tonight I fought the laptop to a standstill. It was being what is technically called an absolute ‘b*stard’! It kept on crashing the software then it wouldn’t find the external hard drive where all of the STL’s are stored. Eventually after much swearing and threatening the use of a hammer then I got it working.

I found that the STL’s were as a block so don’t fit on the plate. This means an annoying amount of work sorting them out into individual miniatures. To be honest they do look huge, so maybe they have got bigger somehow. I will have to measure them to see. I reckon I will get two or three to the plate. Luckily my mate doesn’t want them tomorrow!

After taking this photo the bloody thing then decided to run out of battery. I will fight with it again tomorrow.

I do have this lot to print for myself…

The savage nomads are evidently cannibals as can be seen by their meat store. There are some really nice bits and bobs amongst them. The elves are modular.

Diorama, Paints and Superglue

I decided to get the diorama finished tonight. I went for some blood in the end, I think it looks okay. Not much, but a bit of red to give a bit more to the story.

I also got some paint put onto some more of the 3D printed stuff. I needed the superglue to repair a few miniatures too.

We had a bit of excitement in school today as a pod of Orca came into the bay. We went for a look, but by time we got out they were motoring away…

You can just about see them in the photo…

We took the kids for a walk down to the pier, it was a nice morning for it…

Paintbrush in Hand

Zoiks, this evening I actually managed to get something painted, well read that more as slapped some paint on things.

I also slapped some paint on the 15mm Japanese Villagers…

Still a long wY to go on these, up they are definitely getting there.

Painting… Just About

Bloody Hell, tonight I actually picked up a paintbrush and even got as far as slapping some paint on some 6mm Samurai as well as some in 15mm, however… the amount I put on would be difficult to measure without some extremely sensitive equipment.

The other thing I did was consider a couple of ideas for another diorama…

One is entitled ‘He’s Behind You’ and the other hasn’t got a name yet…

I used some of the printed miniatures that I had to get some ideas down so to speak. The first one will have a fair few bushes and I might even try another tree or two… deciduous this time, as for the other, more tundra looking environments.

Diorama… Nearly There

Today I managed to get some more of the wolves done. They, like the rhino, need some Matt varnish. I haven’t quite decided on how everything will look in the end. So this is a starter for ten.

So this is where we have got to in the build. Part of me thinks that the wolves are a bit dark for this, but it is how they are in reality. I may have a play around with them and see how I get on.

Next question is blood on the calf or not….? I think not, but maybe I should.