Off the Printer

My daughter’s mask (or part of it) is finished.

It fits really well

There is still the lower jaw to do but the main bit is finished. It only took 60 hours over four sessions to print. I had to cut it into four and drop the size down to 90% to make it fit on the print bed.

I did have a. It of a problem with one of the rear pieces as it fell off before the end of the print (which I had forgotten about) and as such it doesn’t meet in part of it.

The gap is clearly visible on this photo. I will fix it with some Greenstuff. Hopefully the lower jaw isn’t too hard to print!

Odds and Squads III

Almost there on this lot….

Cultists all but finished…

I might try a bit more highlighting on the red as you can’t really tell I did any!

Inspectors…just need basing up as tonight I varnished them…

There are a couple of cock ups on them which need sorting, the blue splodge on the green cup being a case in point. The lady also has a ring that needs some paint on it. Hopefully my mate will like them.

And finally the weird hand warriors…a bit of highlighting on them but otherwise nearly all done, well apart from the basing.

As for basing of the printed miniatures. They are on a flagstone style base, but to be honest I think I am just going to use the standard flock I have been using recently.


A bit brighter than before…

Still some tidying up to do. Also a dark line around the armour joints and between the weapons and the hands. A brown wash over the gold would help too.

It’s about 25 years since I painted space marines, so I am not sure how to go about it properly.

The Werewolves were peering out of their box in a sullen manner. They were making me feel guilty!

I will have to get on with them tomorrow 😱.

Voltigeurs and a Ruddy Great Big Werewolf (Visthowla Legion)

I managed to get a base coat done on the Ferach and Green stuffed the werewolf’s joints. I would have got more done but I was back up on the byre roof with a roofing caulk. I managed about 45 metres before both the caulk and the strength in my hands ran out. The pain in the bum is that I still have another 15 metres to do. The weather was pretty kind to me and only dropped hail on me about three times. The wind however blew everything of the roof.

Another batch finished.

I managed to get a bit done today. I really need a better camera and/or better lighting as they look a whole lot better than the photo shows☹️.

I have decided to make a start (aka carry on with) some Ferach voltigeurs. These guys have sat for about a year with just their base coat of black.

Undead purchases

Well this purchase was rather Wierd. I was perusing my favourite Ebay flock and scatter shop and noticed they sold figures. So I had a mooch. Noticed these with 10 minutes to go with no bids. Checked out some more clump foliage and as it does with Ebay it warned me that these were nearly gone. So I went back to look. Ye gods I thought 5 seconds to go….4…..3…. panic stepped in would I have time to hit buy…2…….1 and like some cheesy spy film the counter stopped at 1…. they were mine…. It then struck me… why the heck did I just buy some Mantic skeletons when I didn’t even want any! It was all a bit wierd. Well at least I have 22 skeletons to build and paint up for Dragon Rampant.

Still not bad for £14.50 all in, I just can’t work out how it happened….