Back to the Club

Tonight I nipped back to the Thursday club (Thule Gamers) and we had a bash at the Submarine Game…

We couldn’t get the torpedos to launch, this could have been for one of two reasons… A the software was glitching or B.. we were crap and were probably pointing in the wrong direction… place your bets. We then tried a board game of Casino Kings, I think it was.

Joe and I are backing the Sudan on Saturday, so look out for a game report after that.

Having a Night Off

Well sort of…

I was asked by my neighbour to help move some shuttering for a concrete pour. It is about 8 metres long and about 60cm high and weighs quite a bit, so after chucking that around in his garden, I couldn’t really be bothered to do that much. I did photograph the cavalry…

For some reason they were still sticky on the bottom, resin, or whatever it is isn’t a good idea when sticky so I gave them another blast on the curing station. This time they were upside down. I also rescued the 10mm ruins off the build plate as well as printed some more gauls … I think I have about 30,000 now 😀

Having a Tidy

This evening was all about tidying up my pile of crap that had built up around my painting station. There were failed 3D prints as well as ones that were too big or small. I basically couldn’t get moved for stuff… can you remember this lot from around about February… Still in the box on the left hand side of the station!

Tidy Station….
Shit Hole Station

This is after 45 minutes of tidying….the miniatures on the left can be seen neatly tucked away in the first picture above… I really, really should finish them.

To be fair, some of the stuff on there is mid move or in the case of some of them, things I was going to do tonight.

My 2mm cavalry all came out fine last night. This evening I was printing a church for 10mm miniatures….

So that was a balls up… 10mm on the left, 6mm on the right… oh well it will come in handy for my 6mm WW2 stuff. I am hopefully printing the ruins at a sensible size!

I am going to find something to store the W.I.P stuff so that it isn’t just lying around everywhere. When I went for the station… (I cannot spell bureau) I bought some plywood to make boxes to go underneath it. This is still sitting in the shed uncut.. a little job to do sometime methinks.

Treasures (?) From a Box

I was mooching around in a box the other day and came across these things…

These originated in  the mid 70’s. I think I got mine in about 1980. My mate and I couldn’t afford the miniatures so got these instead.  I was just talking to Joe about these last week and as if by magic they appear. I actually managed to buy the rules this evening too. As was the fashion in the 70’s there are lots of tables and book keeping required, but for £4.00 I thought why not especially as the two army lists in the rules are Roman and Carthaginian.

I got mores slicing done this evening, this time I printed off a pile of light and heavy cavalry.

I painted some of the 2mm stuff too as well as added some sand to the hil, fort and 80×40 base. The base is a test run for the new rules that are coming out later this year.

As I type this the kittens are definitely having a mad half hour. They are chasing each other all over the place.

An Evening with a Slicer

Most of this evening was spent shrinking and slicing various buildings for a pal of mine.

One of my build plates in progress.

I spent a good old while shrinking and hollowing, then I found some interesting freebies on My Min Factory…

The doors on these are 8mm tall so not bad for 6mm, they will need a bit of a size increase To go with his 10mm forces.

2mm, 6mm and Ponderings

This evening I got some more done in the light cavalry and slingers and pretty much got them finished…

I also worked a bit more on the 6mm ruins, got some green mould lines on them and also worked out a bit of an idea re a base for them…

The above is some of the pieces, there will be a second smaller one too. Now to be honest, I am contemplating using some modelling compound to build things up a bit. Embed the ruins in rather than have them sitting in the top of a ‘billiard table’ base.

My musings today were around the 6mm Italian wars. Now if you remember I had a bit of s wobble about price versus Aesthetics a while ago… the one that sent me down the hunt for some rear rankers to reduce the cost… you can see my ramblings Here . So after much deliberating I came to this conclusion…

Irregular Miniatures in the front rank and shrunk and printed ones in the rear ranks.

So today, when we released the kittens I needed something to do whilst they were tearing around the lounge…

The kittens are in the crate in he background… as they were feral they were scared so we gave them time in safety to get more used tomus and the dog. I reckon if we just had the one in the foreground (Gizmo) then she would have been out a while ago, but Pixel, in the background was extremely nervy, so we gave them the time they needed.

So, for something to do I decided to tidy up my painting station and I came across some smaller bases and, as you do, I started fiddling…

It got me thinking, do I need to have the miniatures covering the whole base as in the case of the right hand unit, or could I go for something smaller to base them on. This reduces the ranks to three. Now the one thing I couldn’t find straight off were the irregular miniatures to try them on the front rank. I will have a ponder at this problem tomorrow with them in situ in the front.

Hill Fort MkII

Chief Vitalstatistix was somewhat nonplussed to hear that his rival Mykingdomforanorse had got a bigger fort than his, so he popped over to Brittania to see for himself….

My original plan was to use milliput to build the ramparts, but as I had about a litre and a half of my original modelling compound then I thiugh I would try an experiment, building them with that instead.

I increased the height of the original hill in the centre and the started using small amounts to do the ramparts.. you can see the size difference with the original one.

This one will need a bit of work once it is dry as some of the bits justlook stuck on to the base…

My plan is to add some more defences where the opening is… got to confound those Romans somehow.

It looks a bit weird in it’s raw state. Once I have got some paint on it, it may look better. If it doesn’t then it cost pence to make and about 25 minutes in terms of time.

I have decided that this thing is protected by cliffs on the sides nearest the camera. These will be painted accordingly.

I will try and get some miniatures painted tomorrow evening. I might even go for 2mm, 6mm and 28mm…I do also have a 15mm Dervish warrior undercoated too!

Working on Terrain

Tonight was a bit of a non starter painting wise. I managed to throw some contrast paint on the ruins…

I then took them off the thing they are sitting on and took it into the kitchen and threw some Geek Gaming modelling compound onto it to make a start on my giant 2mm hill fort…

Hopefully this will dry quickly, so that I can get the Milliput onto it tomorrow evening. My idea for this one is something like Maiden Castle with multiple ditches and ramparts.

Hill Fort Progress.

Tonight idid a bit more on the Hill Fort, Chief Vitalstatistix is pleased with the progress. I need to cure the resin on the other houses, a job for tomorrow night methinks.

As you can see frommthe above photo, I did a bit more work in my Romans. I pretty much got six ‘units’ of heavies and three Velites finished. I will work on the cavalry tomorrow.

I was originally going to be going to the wargames club tomorrow evening, but unfortunately the old new car failed it’s MOT.. the downside is that it decided to fail on something big like the rear drive shaft… the part alone is £1100… on the upside we bought it just under a year ago and it has two weeks still to go on its warranty. Phew! It is going to be a faff getting to the club, it is do-able but not sure it is worth the hassle.

More Sand, Different Desert

This evening we moved from the deserts of the Sudan to ones in Libya. We also jumped forwards about 50 years to a conflict between Germany and Britain. This time we had tanks. Or rather a tank each! We went for What a Tanker this evening.

My Matilda in the foreground faces off against a MKIII in the background. Although the Matilda was slow, in the early parts of the game she was off like a whippet across the sands.

I managed to get a ranging shot in my but failed to do any damage…please note the house the extreme left, it played an important part in the ensuing battle.

The only thing missing was the Benny Hill theme Tune as we chased each other around the building. We manged to fire lots of times, but kept saving the hits… once again my dice were on form…

Reload, Shoot, reload, shoot reload… this happened so many times… eventually my lucky dice rolls began to tell.

In the end Joe was down to a single command dice so we called it an allied victory.

It’s a really fun game with much hilarity throughout. Although I really enjoy the game, I reckon it is not a one I could play week after week.