Last night Carnage took place in Shetland. We got our first game of ‘Death Roads: All Stars)

Tom’s yellow car flipping out in flames as I cruise to Victory

The game uses cards to allow actions as well as having driver actions. Each time you get to do two. Eg you can change gear and lanes or something like change lanes and shoot. Each of these uses up handling anywhere from one to four points (well in my cards).

When everyone reaches zero on their handling then the round is over. You can drop below zero, then bad things happen. Skids, veering, fire or being stunned all can happen at once. Just before I exploded in a fireball I had two stun, two fire and a skid to deal with.

It was a fun game… but on the way back Joe and I were discussing it. We both had a feeling we were doing something wrong. We are going to have another game tonight to try and iron out the wrinkles

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