Aberdeen Harbour with one of the the rig support vessels in view

Well, that is it, we made it to the boat and are safely on. You can tell it is the last weekend before the schools go back as it is heaving. I have already spotted three teachers. We are back in the pods so it won’t be the most comfortable night’s sleep.

On the way down I was in a pair of seats by myself, on the way back I am pinned on the window by another person. If I am lucky they won’t get on until Orkney.

It is really nice to let someone else do the driving. I left Prudhoe at 08.30 and got into Aberdeen at 14.00. Okay we did stop off in Dundee to grab some sandwiches, and a slight detour caused by a strange Google Maps glitch.

It’s a 17.00 sailing so in a tick I am going to fight the throng and grab some food before it gets too crowded in there.

We may have a view of some dolphins/porpoises as we leave the harbour.

Expected arrival at Lerwick tomorrow morning is: 07.30. I reckon it is going to take us five hours just to empty the car.

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