Well after starting to worry that something had gone wrong with the Irregular order … (probably because Joe had given me some money to order his when I ordered mine). I got back today to find this on my kitchen table…

Funnily enough I had just said to Joe that I hoped the box would be here before we had a game on Friday… I excitedly opened it and a mountain of lead appeared before my eyes…

Actually this is only half the stuff, I added the wrong photo!

Next up was: a… trying to remember what I ordered and b… checking it was all there. Unfortunately the PayPal page for Irregular was still up and that was the one that refused to work properly, so off I went into PayPal for my actual receipt. All things were present and correct, with a slight panic that the Spanish Pike were missing, only to find them in a separate bag.

So, like you do I set them out on the table…. and voila an army appeared before my eyes…

It kind of looks quite impressive until you realise that these aren’t based yet….

More impressive… in fact it is still missing three cannons, sixteen bases of Tercio shot and nine bases of skirmish infantry… I think that is all! As you can see from the above, the Pike have only the front rank in metal. The rest of the bases will be 3D printed. The shot etc will also be 3D printed.

The above is a 500 point army, a one thousand point army, even in 6mm, would be massive and probably twice the price too.

Obviously whilst messing around with this lot all evening meant no painting… I doubt the things I wanted to paint this evening are going be any less painted tomorrow. The plan for this lot is to get them, and the resin bits and pieces onto painting sticks ASAP so that I can get them undercoated ready for a mammoth painting session. Oh yeah, along with the 6mm Samurai, 2mm Ancients, 28mm Imperials, 10mm things too. I am going to pretend the 28mm ruins don’t exist!

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