Tonight I got everything stuck down and the bases painted brown, they are beginning to look like an army now, which is always a useful thing under the circumstances 😉.

As you can see from the photos I made myself a general and a sub general come hero base too. Not sure why, but it felt right 😂.

So tomorrow I am going to try and finish these off with the flock and bushes. I will then try and finish off some of the 6mm terrain and may even make a start on one of the castles. My two printed castles have made it to their respective new owners, so I am really pleased with that.

I have got these individual 6mm samurai to paint up and I really cannot be bothered, not sure why, probably because I know that I cannot paint them all the same colour, it’s about time I stopped being lazy and just got on with it. I

may actually have to sort out something so that I can see them a bit better, I reckon my eyesight is getting worse. Luckily my Poundland reading glasses have worked so far. I have a couple of the visor ones but in all honesty I found the reading glasses easier to work with. Part of me thinks one of those magnifiers with LED’s might be the way forward, either that or a lighter visor.

Hopefully you will see the finished army tomorrow.

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