Today was Lucy’s twelfth birthday (in quarantine) so she got to choose the film… luckily her test results came through about an hour ago and she is negative, much to my son’s disgust as he wanted another day off school.

On the up side I can now return to work, this is going to be a very, very long winter. In my school in the last fortnight there have been four staff test and one pupil test, with another sibling test being taken too.

Anyway back to the Khmer…

This evening I decided to crack on and to try and get as much done on these as possible, so I did. Whilst Tonight’s film of Frozen was playing away I managed to nearly get them finished.

Hopefully I will get all the little bits I evidently missed off finished tomorrow and then get them based.

The one thing I noticed is that the infantry have blended into the bases now and the elephants and cavalry have jumped out a bit more. Weird optical illusion taking place there.

8 thoughts on “Khmer…Nearly There

  1. Good news in regards to the with youngen, but having had three older sisters I can feel for the young lad !
    Oh ! mate, the Tech adviser text messaged me with great excitement! she has a follower, apart from her mum! thanks mate you made her day !!

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