Dahn was finished this evening. He has, in the past lost the barrel of his rifle. I added another from a GW plastic empire sprue.

He is an elderly Orc from the hills of Albion. There is probably no better shot in the whole army. He has been known to drop enemy troops at miraculous ranges or through the tiniest gaps. He knows how to get the best out of his Bakur rifle. Keeping everything covered in best brown paper when not in use.

Although his accuracy and skill is beyond compare he will often be heard uttering the phrase ‘can’t see the face, can’t kill the elf’ although not as fast as his comrades he more than makes up for it in his shooting abilities.

Tomorrow evening another member of the rifles (or as they are more correctly named ‘The 105th Loyal Sharpshooters’) will get finished off. Not sure which one yet, but I have four to choose from.

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