Thule Gamers ran our annual mini convention today

This was my participation table using the gladiator games.

I didn’t stop all, day. At one point I had to ask people to give me ten minutes to eat my chips with cheese. They were already cold but I was really hungry!

The rules worked a treat and the game itself seemed to be popular, well people kept coming back to have another go more than once.

Some of the other games were as follows:

Star Wars – my kids spent all day playing this.

A Hordes of the Things Sci Fi battle on Mars, a bit of a participation game too.

A board game or two, not sure what this one was, it was in a massive box though.I nicked this photo from my mate as I didn’t really get the chance to get about once things kicked off.

There was a D&D table, no-one joined in, but I think it was more to ask questions than to take part. Another table was playing Magic the Gathering.

Finally a demonstration game in 28mm ‘Full Metal Jacket-the game’. Well maybe not but it was Vietnam.

It was the busiest one to date so a definite success. I am now going to have a think about what to do next year. I don’t know why I bother, I generally have a plan all year and then change my mind in the last couple of months. As an example: I was going to run Gaslands, but decided against it about six weeks ago.

My plan was to get some painting done tonight, but to be honest I am too knackered.

Back to painting tomorrow I think…

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