Well I managed to pick up a paint brush again.

My Ferach Elite cavalry are nearly finished. Just some highlights and tidying up to do.

I have also managed to finish the civilians. Four dwarves and a Trollkin.

The camera has certainly done weird things with the colours..a definite yellow tinge…

I still have these two to finish (well start to be totally honest) to complete the dismounted cavalry of The Esprit du Garde.

I am not sure where to go to next. I might get this officer done as he fits in well with the elite cavalry (I suppose one day I should paint up their mounted equivalents).

Then onto my Ferach field hospital and Undead reanimator….

Lots to do. I keep finding models I had forgotten all about.

Teatime Trollkin

I managed to get a wash on the clothing. Figures always look naff at this stage, it can get a bit disheartening especially when you look at the amazing work some people do. 

Bedtime Trollkin

I managed to  get some more of the base colours done this evening. They are lovely figures, they do, however, have faces only a mother could love. They work for Trollkin though.

Next up on the Painting Table

Another eclectic mix!

Bange and Oafson – two Trolkin officers. They fight with the Krolsberg Jagers and command the 1st Regiments, 3rd Company between them both holding the rank of Captain. These two fight alongside the Ferach in the Witchlands.

The artist Goyah- this dark elf artist is part of the set (VLE07)with the Todoroni aristocrat Frappechino. On the surface he has sided with the Ferach after being left behind when the court was evacuated. He is free to travel anywhere in the Ferach lands.

Finally an Ogre of the KGL (Krautian Giant Legion) 1st Staff Detachment.