Evening Ogres

Managed to do a teeny bit on these…

Wash added, strapping painted. Highlights added to the shako and trousers and that’s about it for this evening.

I didn’t get in until gone 8 so by time I had tea, talked to my family that was all I had time for.

To be honest I really like these figures, one day I may even have a game with the stuff I have painted😱.

Bedtime Ogres

Sadly didn’t get them finished.

Managed to get this far though…

Weapons and straps still to paint, shading and highlights on flesh and headgear and then the tidying up of the bit I missed or indeed missed.

I think they are coming together as a unit.

Carrots and the Odd Ogre or Two

Yesterday I painted up a couple of carrot piles.

I also managed to get these taken from here:

To here:

Still a fair way to go, but hopefully I can get them finished tonight. I wouldn’t have normally painted the epaulettes on the greatcoat red, but I wanted him to match in more with the rest.

These are really nice figures, there is only this advancing pose in this range. But it works well. Four are armed with hand cannons and the other two with double muskets. They have a mixture of packs and pouches. All have a water skin apart from the one with the axe attached to his pack

Two have pom-poms on their shako. Whilst one is in his bonnet de police.

I think they make rather a nice unit. Very hard hitting in game terms.

Ogre Officer

I have worked on this chap for the last few days.

He has come a long way from the bare resin.

He is a lovely figure. Full of character. He is armed with a hand cannon and trust telescope. He is made from resin so super lightweight. I spent a lot longer on this one than I have with a lot of the other ones.

However there are still the odd problems that the camera sees and I don’t 🤪🤪🤪

He is to be an officer for my unit of ogres. I think I will make a start on them next.

I have also snagged a bargain on EBay a unit of 7 Ostarian cavalry and a gun and crew. The gun is painted whereas the cavalry are not.

Alternative Armies Purchases and a bit of painting

AA had a free postage deal on so I took advantage of it 😁

I wanted some of the Savant Zombies. I ordered the six from the ‘Escape from the Dark Tzar’ set. They are really nice figures in resin. I still can’t get my head around how light they are compared to the usual white metal figures.

From the same set I ordered the ogre captain to act as my officer for my Finkelstein ogre section.

Apologies for the blurred picture.

He is another nice figure. So much lighter than the rest of the ogres I ordered.

We have a forager a sapper and two line ogres. These will be combined with the two I already have (see below) to make a section of six plus an officer.

I managed a bit of painting this evening making a good start on Madame Pompaboom.

She still has a long way to go – her hairstyle alone will probably take an hour to finish.

I started late as I was sorting out my craft shed which I finished today. All of my toys are going out there to make room in the house.

I hope to get both her and her manservant finished tomorrow night.