Mantic Woes

This evening I decided I would do a quick glue together of a couple of packets of the zombie/mutant types. They were, for want of a better term, a bloody nightmare!

If you look at the two stood up beside each other. Notice the tabs on the bases. A lot of the joints looked something similar. It definitely wasn’t a case of ‘insert slot A in hole B’. Now I haven’t done huge amounts of Mantic stuff before. But this has nearly put me off for life. I am not sure if I was really lucky last time, or really unlucky this time. If it wasn’t for the Mantic plastic feel I would have said these were recasts.

On the up side the truck went together without any fuss or hassle.

The Mantic Box

This evening I got out the Mantic Zombie box and had a mooch. There are a lot of zombies, with multiples of each. Some big scary beasties and some armoured ones too. The later ones need building so to help me I went to find some pictures.

Where the heck are they? On the Internet I managed to find one imag… and that was a Mantic one, and when I clicked on it, it came up as a 404 error.

I could work out how to make the truck though..

I have Star Saga miniatures so I do have something to fight against them.

I reckon I can print terrain if required or rather when I need terrain.

I’m Back

The question is have you missed me?

So I haven’t blogged for three whole days and I reckoned I should get my finger out and write something again… the reason for me absence, well actually there hasn’t really been one apart from getting tired and going to bed to write something then falling asleep.

So what have I been up too?

First up..I finished the pilots…

I also made a start on the Mantic Deadzone GCPS booster pack. Never have I sworn so much. Luckily there were only 10 miniatures as I reckon 6 heads pinged across the room to superglue themselves to various bits of furniture, curtains and perhaps the dog as no matter how hard I looked they never reappeared!

The Star Saga minis were, if you remember, a single piece casting. The new lot comprises legs, torso, head and weapon/equipment arms. Some of the ones in the pack are metal.

I decided to go for one ranger and made him a sniper. The other guy kneeling is a comms operator. The final one with metal arms is an engineer. The rest are a mixture of carbines and assault rifles. I also built a flamer and a grenade launcher.

The biggest Pain in the Arse was this…

Absolutely no instructions and it came looking like this…

Bits were sticking out from every bit. Now to be fair after a bit of head scratching I worked out what went where, but it did take a bit longer than expected.

I am getting there just the weapon to add to him and then all of armour for the shoulder and the knees. As the arms are in two bits each and then it is causing a few headaches making sure that it is going to fit together.

I decided to go for the big gun, but could have gone for a flamer and chain saw. I felt the former was more Mobile infantry, but I may add a second one to the force at a later date.

My horse went out into the summer paddock yesterday, I started off the journey as a cavalryman and ended up as an infantryman as I had what is technically called a saddle malfunction. Luckily I was able to get off before it went completely awry!

Here he is having a little excited charge about…

He is the black in the foreground.

Right off to tame a triceratops in Ark (our new game for the console).

A Pale White Shade

Further work on the pilots, shading done with the blue wash. I also managed to get some paint onto the belt accoutrements.

I am just about managing to do half an hour a night, if I had longer I would be a bit further on (talk about stating the bleeding obvious). I will try and get the belts finished tomorrow then move onto the troopers.

A Paler Shade of White

More work on the pilots this evening…

Only did about 30 minutes this evening as I had been off tromping round a field for a couple of hours putting up electric fencing. The horses are off to their summer paddock on Sunday so we were getting it ready to go.

These will get a bit more done tomorrow. I forgot to bring in the blue wash to add shadow to the grey areas around the head.

Whiter Shade of Pale

Well I have just spent a very long time painting two spacesuits white… if I ever need to paint a spacesuit again in the future it is going to be anything but white!

Still a very long way to go but some progress has been made. The faces have been repainted so often that I think the detail is going! Next time I will paint the. White then put a flesh wash over the top and see how it looks 🤔.

I decided that a blonde female would be a bit of a cliche so went for dark haired instead.

The neck collars are going to be the same colour as the knee and elbow patches and the belt apparatus…I haven’t a clue yet 😱.

Hopefully I will get a bit more time tomorrow evening, first up will be highlighting of the boots and gloves as it will be something that I am bound to forget.