First Miniatures of 2021

Well, Ann set up aPainting Challenge for the first miniatures of 2021. These were started and finished in January. My original intention was pick something at Random, but my good mate Eric over in the states shared a picture of the GW Green Knight and as I had one already stripped I decided to join up with him and paint the same miniature. In the pot with the Knight was the herald and I had a dozen foot squires so I decided to do a trio. If truth be told so cannot actually remember which was finished first.

I had a few problems along the way with the Contrast paint going over the brush on whites I had. It wasn’t (going over the white) and that became the problem… it is really obvious in the photo below.

The lime green colour is exactly the same as the rest of the green to the left of it.

When I originally decided on a colour scheme it wasn’t going to be green at all, but all of my tests just looked naff so in the end the Green Knight became, in fact, green. Sadly his original shield and back banners disappeared long ago.

I am really pleased with how they came out. I did make a start on the mounted squire…you can just about see him in the background of the photo below.

To avoid issues with the brush on white I went for artist’s acrylic, but eventually went and bought a pot of GW White.