6mm Samurai Finished

Tonight I got the mon put onto the sashimono and the tufts stuck on. I am really pleased with how they have come out. I might change the colour of the mon, but I will see how the white grows on me.

I might have to search through my tufts as I have about 15 left of these ones. Problem is I can’t remember where I got them or what they are called!

I made a start on the the halfling army by spraying them white, along with some orc chariots and a couple of ogres too. I will get some paint on them tomorrow. They might take a while as they are going to be in lots of bright colours as befits a halfling force.

I also got a small file onto the Battle valour samurai. I hadn’t noticed before but the mould lines are really bad on some of them. It was only when I sprayed them white that I noticed.

So it has been quite a productive day. I spent a lot of it in the big shed, sorting it out so that we can set it up more as a craft room. The resin will go out there. My wife has her office out there so I can’t put the resin printer in there. That will go into my bottom shed, once I sort it out!