Geek Club … Day Two

I had to run the club today as one of them was off yesterday and the rest were desperate to finish theirs.

We got sand onto the bases today and metallics onto the gun barrels.

We will get the bases painted and flocked/tufts tomorrow.

I am really proud of them as they tried so hard.

Here is my effort…

Painting an Otter

Last night after posting, I decided to get some paint on the 28mm otter. Now this guy came from Naga Miniatures and is one of many anthropomorphised animals in their collection. I honestly cannot say what he is meant to be representing. It has him down as a paladin. He does have a mix of dress and equipment. He has a macuahuitl and a metal shield as well as landschneckt style pantaloons. I don’t really care as I really like him.

I got him finished this evening… I might go back and do the cordage on his quilted gambeson.

New Paints…Reactivation

This is the post you have all been waiting for (well in my head you are).

Do the Green stuff World Dipping Inks reactivate?

The Answer from the Shetland judge is ……

Nope! With the caveat that if they do, then I can’t see them doing so.

The white paint is quite thin to allow another colour to go over the top. There is definitely no bleed through like there was on the Army Painter. Sooo….

My verdict… I am off to buy some more when they are still on offer… if the offer has ended… still buying some more. Now I was going to buy some of the new GW Contrast Paint… not any more…