Small Chariots etc.

Well we had a good game today, I will get it written up tomorrow… sorry but no spoilers this evening. Did Joe and I or Mr Babbage succeed? The Illustrated Gazette will reveal all tomorrow.

After plumbing in the new dishwasher today I got it installed this evening then set about painting some chariots and light infantry and cavalry.

Cavalry horses need to be a bit lighter I think as the Roman ones back left look a bit dark…

I contacted the miniature designer and he has given me all of his printer settings so I will give the Romans another bash tomorrow.

2mm Success and Failure

So after yesterday’s balls up with the Romans I went on a different tack today. First off I made a 3mm base in 3D builder and added two cavalry units to it. It printed off reasonably well apart from a weird bowed back, this is hapf a mil out so can be saved down or something. When I brought it in I realised my MDF bases are 2mm. But as it wasa proof of concept then it worked. Uses more resin, but miniatures come pre supported.

I then decided to try and integral base per unit, this was extremely fiddly and was sort of okay when I tested it at a 45 degree angle. I added the infantry units on their rears with supports, to be honest it was a total mess… I am not sure what went on. So back to the drawing board there. I finished the Gauls that I printed yesterday, some seem to be missing bits so are sitting at about 1.5mm. But as you can see from below it doesn’t really show en masses.

I am not sure on how many men these are meant to represent, but it does look like a fair few. So if I said 200 men to a base then this is a unit of 1000 warriors. It kind of looks like it to my untrained eye.

I also did a proof of concept for some woods using a bit of mdf and some clump foliage.

Today I ordered some light cavalry, skirmishers and some chariots. I will still work in the Romans as it is really beginning to bug me now.

Legionary Troops

Tonight I tried painting the Roman side of the equation. They painted up absolutely fine, but when I was painting them I noticed that they, for some reason, had a whole more supports. These proved problematic in getting them apart. I also noticed that the horses seemed to be missing some legs. As these are new to me it will take a while to get things right. It is basically 6ml of resin and 45 minutes of time.

As you can see the units are really broken up. I will try again tomorrow and see what I can do. They work better without a base. I have ordered some flexible resin to mix in with my normal stuff. It should help a bit.