First Miniatures of 2021

Well, Ann set up aPainting Challenge for the first miniatures of 2021. These were started and finished in January. My original intention was pick something at Random, but my good mate Eric over in the states shared a picture of the GW Green Knight and as I had one already stripped I decided to join up with him and paint the same miniature. In the pot with the Knight was the herald and I had a dozen foot squires so I decided to do a trio. If truth be told so cannot actually remember which was finished first.

I had a few problems along the way with the Contrast paint going over the brush on whites I had. It wasn’t (going over the white) and that became the problem… it is really obvious in the photo below.

The lime green colour is exactly the same as the rest of the green to the left of it.

When I originally decided on a colour scheme it wasn’t going to be green at all, but all of my tests just looked naff so in the end the Green Knight became, in fact, green. Sadly his original shield and back banners disappeared long ago.

I am really pleased with how they came out. I did make a start on the mounted squire…you can just about see him in the background of the photo below.

To avoid issues with the brush on white I went for artist’s acrylic, but eventually went and bought a pot of GW White.

Graveyard…Making a Start

Well I have indeed made a start….

To be honest, it is a bit further on than this, but this is where it started….

I also made another cart:

As I can only print various bits, then I had to improvise with the top.

3 D printed wheels and chassis and a coffee stirrer top. The one in the background is the initial cart.

3D printing is cancelled until I can get some Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the bed with. Nothing is sticking any more!

Dauntless December Challenge 2018

Azazel’s December challenge was a pretty open one. One of the Options were Heroes. I had a bit of a mooch about and decided it was about time to get things painted that have sat there for too long. I really do like his challenges as they give me focus and to try out new things. As an example, In November I painted cars and motorbikes for the Mechanical challenge, something I wouldn’t have even considered doing. I am already planning January’s challenge.

This was my December haul of painted minis for the challenge. I decided to remove the ghoul officer as most of him was painted in November.

My first to be painted was a free miniature from Alternative armies, the ghost bride came in an order of 15mm bits and bobs to finish off my HOTT Conquistador army.

Here she is on her own…

Next up was Sir Willorcby a fine Orcish gentleman. He was another quick one to complete having very little in the way of tricky bits. To paint.

Next up were the various rifleorcs, these had the base green already done, so I managed roughly one a night. These were replacements for my original set purchased when they first came out.

Rogipoos trio came next, these are one of my favourite Flintloque sets. Jose and Nursey were done in a session and Rogipoos took a bit longer.

Meriadoc Brandybuck was next… probably the faster mini I have ever painted. From bare metal to completed in just over the hour. The only mini not from Alternative Armies.

The next lot painted were my undead engineers, although not exactly heroic having no feelings to speak of I am going to count them as they will bravely dig ditches under the guns of the enemy….

My Final figure was my Ostarian Hussar Officer. I did a very easy conversion in that I made a roundel out of Greenstuff on his Shako. This was to differentiate him from the rank and file (which is what he is really).

I managed to squeeze him into the final day of December. Out of all of them I think he is the one I am happiest with. I really tried some blending on the colours and I feel I achieved the look I was after on the saddle blanket at the very least.

I am going to go for some terrain for January’s challenge. I have forty gravestones to do something with. My intention is to do a small hill covered in graves as well as various bits of scatter terrain. When I get the 3D printer sorted I want to do a wall and iron fence around a smaller private cemetery.

I will see what else I can come up with too. I need to do terrain for my 6mm road wars as well as my 15mm French and Indian wars.

We shall see how far I get…. I am now off to paint a 3D printed cart.