You may, or may not have noticed that there was no blog last night. I had done no painting and was knackered so made the conscious decision not to write one on basically my day. It took a bit of willpower not to, but this morning I woke and there was no major guilt trip or worry that it might have exploded or something like that.

I though this was an appropriate track…The End another one would have been… Its the end of the blog as we know it (and I feel fine).

Up to yesterday I had done, a quite an impressive 920 day streak of daily blogs, some had more than one in and others had also my Shetland blog too. This mammoth undertaking started in 2019 when I decided I had missed a few weeks due to working in a busy school. It kind of became easier to blog than not, but when inhavent done anything to blog about, that is when I start to wonder why…

Am I stopping, Nope, not at all. Before my self imposed blog a day I was doing three to four posts week so there is still a fair old bit inside me.

In the next few weeks I want to get these Italian Wars miniatures finished, I think the destruction of the Pike blocks caused a bit of a slump in my enthusiasm. I have only three tercio shot and four units of skirmishers to finish. Hopefully without further destruction they should be done and dusted and put in a box never to see the light of day for a while… a bit like now really.

17 thoughts on “The End of Blogging as I know It

  1. Hey, you scared me there, I thought you where throwing in the towel! While I have marveled at your years long daily blogging (I didn’t know that it was 920-days!), I can see where more may not be more, it really does come down to quality over quantity.
    I also understand the pressure we put on ourselves to write here, there are times I look and can believe it’s been over a week! Look forward to your future blogs, as always!

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  2. 920 days is a hell of a streak! I only set myself a target of 1 per month, though I do generally manage to exceed that. But I think it’s important not to be a slave to these things – if the blog served its purpose by helping your mental health then it’s worth it. Don’t let it become a chore.

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  3. 920 is a hell of a run – not sure which is more impressive, having the willpower to keep going that long or having the willpower to bring it to a halt! Well done on both, looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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  4. Bugger me mate I cant believe that it was 2019 that you started this marathon!! Well done matey I bet it is a record, one thing good thing is I wont have to binge try to keep up with your interesting life and fine model painting !!!

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