Yes, after a couple of days of shirking, I got around to finishing off the the three strips of miniatures….

After taking the photo I realised that I needed to some tidying up as well as painting the drums, but I did manage to get them into the bases.

I have nineteen 6 figure strips to paint, considering, this lot made only two bases, and even then I had to add some extras that were already painted.

I reckon I will get three bases worth done. However some will need to be used for repair on the squashed bases.

Tomorrow I am going to actually see how many bases I have, I kind of have an inkling that this is enough…. I decided to have a look now….

I actually have enough to use without repairing anything, but I probably will as the extras are primed anyway.

The Tercio would look like this half sized….

It looks a bit weird but I can probably live with it.

8 thoughts on “I Achieved Something ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Many thanks, luckily the miniatures come in strips of six miniatures, each base takes ten, luckily for me the size normally have 4 close and two a bit further away. I cut the two off and they become part of another four.

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