Because of the swollen, sore finger, read on to find out why, I decided that I wouldn’t be painting tonight so instead I did a test run on the resin pikes behind the metal ones… I think it might just work… now it definitely won’t win any prizes, but it is getting models painted quickly…

These still need the bases painting green, you can see the light grey in places. Now funnily enough, as I was typing this, I was having a fiddle with them. And if truth be known, at a distance, the rough painted ones actually look better than the metals… it is probably as they weren’t as fussy a miniature, so there is less for the different colours to blend in to the others.

After weeks of dropping these, flinging them in boxes and being quite rough with them etc. Imanaged to snap a flag and a pike within minutes. They snapped with, what seemed like, vertical compression. If the worst, comes I will add in extras with pins or paperclips, so I am not unduly worried (probably famous last words).

So now, I know you all are desperate to find out if I fixed the conservatory..if you are then read on, if not come back tomorrow for more toy related shenanigans.

Today I worked on the conservatory and have mad some progress in finding the cause of the problem. First up there was a crack in the live which was obviously touching something.

Normally I would have put a sleeve on the wires, when I have stripped the outer cover off to get them into a small space… evidently, in this case I forgot!

The weird thing is, it hadn’t happened at the start so after I got to it it was there. So I took this cable out and everything worked fine. I moved the far socket cable and ‘pop’ off the RCD went again. I did a lot more testing from the junction box and it is somewhere in the 3 metres of cable. I checked both ends and it is fine, so it must be somewhere along the length. I did notice that the cable ends seemed to be fracturing quite a bit (this is something I have never, ever seen before. There are two options, one I have somehow fired a nail into the wire and the wind has caused it to work its way into the live. It does seem a bit weird though. The second option is that the cable has fractured at a corner, with it being a wooden structure there will be some movement in the gales, I am thinking it has moved the cable just enough on a corner for it to fracture. I might not find out for a while as I am rerouting the cable (in trunking) along the bottom of the wall so that I can get to it a whole lot easier.

In the process of removing one of the ceiling planks I belted myself with a hammer, this made me swear quite a bit. I eventually gave up this evening as my hand was sore and the light was dropping. I did manage to leave one hell of a mess though 🙄

7 thoughts on “Test Painting… A Success?

  1. They look really good considering you ‘roughly’ painted them.

    Sorry to hear about your finger. Since I got electrecuted from a light as a child I steer clear of anything electrical these days….



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  2. Pikemen look good! 🙂 Hands up who hasn’t belted their hand with a hammer at some point! I gave up with trying to understand electricity after learning about alternating current (OK, I really mean being told about it) when I did my degree and was so glad I opted for mechanical engineering!


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