Today I did a bit of electronic chopping and printed off the monster’s head. This was pretty much guess work based on a row of teeth in the lower jaw. I printed and voila I was about a quarter of a mm out.

Now glueing the head on wasn’t really going to work  by itself so I set about the miniature with some greenstuff.  So here he is with all body parts attached…

The greenstuff goes down his back about the same distance. Not exactly an invisible mend, but I reckon that once it is painted then it should be fine.

I also did a bit more on the Flintloque miniatures too… Still a good old way to go on most but two of them are pretty much finished…

I decided to print ruin 9 as my attempt to slice ruin five worked like a charm except I sent them to the resin printer memory stick which happened to be in the resin printer when I realised. In 19 hours it should be finished 😫.

The rest of the evening was spent watching YouTube videos on how to play the Men who would be King rules. Yes I am hopefully playing a wargame next Monday. The first in about a year and a half. We will be using my 10mm Sudan forces.

Tomorrow evening I am hopefully going to crack on with the Samurai etc. During the day I intend to carry on with the caravan checks to make sure everything is working as it should… today was the back supports, Tomorrow will be the front. One side took a 17mm socket and the other an 18mm. Luckily I had just gone and bought a new set, I decided I couldn’t be bothered doing it with a spanner. I managed to get my sockets and also bought a table saw as I reckon there is a fair old bit of wood cutting coming up in my future. It was my treat for being a good boy and sorting out the caravan and building the conservatory. It is now a standing joke here that shdn I do a major job I need a new tool to help me… seems I was owed one for the conservatory, my new sockets covered the caravan fix.

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