I decided to call it quits on the teppo and got them off their sticks ready for the next lot. I have two units of Ashigaru left to paint. One lot is now undercoated ready to get started tomorrow when the undercoat cures fully.

I also undercoated the 28mm stuff too…

I got some work done on my Flintloque miniatures too, but forgot to photograph them.

My next ruin is complete…

The tower part also come separately. This is what it will look like when the next bits come off the printer.

Once this is done there are a pile of cloister walls to print and then there is another large piece, which to be honest I don’t think I will bother with as it is on a curve and although it can sit on a corner of a table it would look weird on its own anywhere else. It will also take over a day to print.

I have about half a roll of filament left so will make a start on some houses and house ruins. I probably forgot to say, but I am wanting to run a Mordheim campaign either with my kids or at the club – hence the ruined terrain items (as well as the Frost kickstsrter too).

So to help me with my painting I have been watching lots of things on Netflix, Saturday night was Serenity, awesome film from an awesome, but cancelled series. Last night was Beyond the Wire. It was an okay film, probably meant to be be saying something profound about AI and the USA… but if it was…it didn’t sink in.

I also watched a Resident Evil animated series, which actually I really enjoyed. The CGI was pretty cool. I have the animated films on DVD, which I watch from time to time. I never had the game, and think I only ever played it once at my mates house so the actual background on the characters is a bit lost on me. I know Leon was a rookie cop, but after that I haven’t a clue.

This evening I started watching Stranger Things, it is supposed to be good and the first episode certainly lives up to the title.

I went into work today and ran up and down the stairs lots and totally knacked my left knee. On the upside I added 4000 plus steps to my daily step count.

Tomorrow I paint more 6mm Samurai forces, but for now I am going to head off and shoot things on the console.

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