And word to that effect… it has been a busy day, our local cinema reopened yesterday and their premiere was a play done by Shetland Youth theatre.. because I’d Covid Shennanigans it ended up being filmed. Really proud of my eldest as they were excellent in it.

However that is not the reasons for the Miffedness… I decided to print something so spent a good old while getting things into the build plate in the slicer. I filled it up… bad mistake!

This is what I started with…

Apologies for the naff photo

And this is what I ended up with!

There is only one wheel, instead of four, no driver, no luggage or shield… not to mention no loops on the stagecoach pole…

So I have relevelled the thing, tested the screen and am now in the process of printing a pile of miniatures that require no support…

Problem is I have loads of these already…

But if these print fine then it is probably down to failed supports… fingers crossed!

I managed to salvage a couple of miniatures out of the a above…

9 thoughts on “Argggghhhhh!

  1. When I used to work in prototyping, we often had problems with full platforms not building everything. Sometimes it was down to failed supports, but we did find that certain areas didn’t build well at all, so we had to avoid them. May be try quartering the plate and doing the same print in each quarter, one at a time, to see if this highlights any issues.

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    1. Thanks for the reply Steve. I put some supportless miniatures across the plate and ran it last night, they all came out fine… it looks like it was user error in the supports… I will have another go today 🙂


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