Today we decided it was time to do something about the local landmark of our rather knackered caravan.

Here it is this time last year

Well we were going to cut it up last year then the starlings got in and made their nests in it, so we couldn’t, then Lockdown came, then we didn’t have a car to pull the trailer…all in all the winter totally buggered it… well okay buggered it more is a better way to describe it…the last big wind caused this side to completely collapse.

We decided that before the birds nested in it again then we would start to take it down. This proved to be a bigger job time wise than we thought, but with a bit of brute force and ignorance we now have it down to waist height…

We tidied up after this shot 😉

I now ache like buggery…part of the reason for this was using the reciprocating saw upside down and back to front as I tried to cut it into manageable bits. Needless to say I haven’t got any painting done this evening. I did manage to get the reprinted cottage of the build plate…

This is a much better size than yesterday’s attempt. I am now printing the larger cottage, with a small animal barn and some barrels… oh and a hen on her nest too.

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