You will be pleased to hear that there have been no injuries, wounds or anything like that today.

I did a bit of slicing for the resin printer so that took up some time, especially when I messed up the thing and forgot to save it!

Anyway so I got s bit of green on the houses and stuck some tufts on a couple of the thatched roofs…

I also got a bit more done on the stone walled buildings…

These aren’t as nice as the 3DAlien world ones and will probably be replaced when they bring out some town buildings. I still need to get more shading done on the roofs. I did some but to be honest you cannot really see where I put it. The one thing that is missing is the gates for the stone walls. The only thing I can think of is that I popped them in with some buildings when the castle went off to its new owner… my thought process was that I could probably redo them on the printer… evidently I forgot!

I got a bit of bits put on this lot and started on replacing the reins on the horse…

And finally for this evening, Tom’s River Lady and a Hobbit Costermonger…

These have literally just come out of the curing station…. I am trying the wight prince overnight so we will see how it gets on. Should be ready when I awake in the morning 😉.

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