Today has been one of those days, kids in school were great, it was the world around me that was being a pain. As you know I had a COVID test on Saturday that came back Negative yesterday morning.

Unfortunately my daughter needed a test today because she got a bad cough (Probably from me) and as she has had a test I am now on lockdown for 72 hours or until her test comes back Negative.

In the midst of all of this my son’s School phoned my wife to say that he had gone into quarantine there. As I am the only teacher in my school and couldn’t leave and my wife was having to wait in to get my daughter tested then we had what was best described as an impasse. Luckily the test arrived, to allow my wife to pretty much break the law to go and get my son. As I am not in tomorrow then we needed to find a relief teacher, oh what fun we had there, as there aren’t any!

This sums things up perfectly…

Anyway onto the Khmer, I got a smidge more done tonight… mainly hair and more work on the elephants…

Now the one thing I am looking at now is the cavalry, on the Irregular page they used the same colours as mine…AKA I copied them. The more I look at them the more I think that I need to re undercoat the horses heads as I have seen absolutely no evidence of caparisoned horses. A job for tomorrow then. I am printing more hexes this evening. One wood hex and a couple of river hexes. I bumped the infil to 15% as the original 5% was okay for the flat tiles but anything else needed more. At least tomorrow I will be around to keep pressing print all day … ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ as they say.

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