Tonight we went gaming and we got possed! We were playing Journeys in Middle Earth. We had narrowly succeeded last week so we’re quite confident this week (how silly we were). We had three characters o; the go. Bilbo, Aragorn and Bereavour. To begin with we were outnumbered two to one, but Aragorn set about the enemy with some initial successes, but each turn more enemy arrived, until Berevour managed to block the entrance. By the end of it both Bilbo and Aragorn had taken a last stand, both survived, but the big baddy boss legged it into the night. We really needed Gimli in their fight as he is a tank, sadly Bilbo isn’t up to much in a one on one with an ork Marauder!

The new files for my LOTR patreon are ready soon….

Some of them are going to be printed before the others, with the Hunter and dog being first on the list.

My daughter was checking through the money pot and came across this rare item…

I say rare as I cannot even remember the last time I was there, at least 20 years ago, if not more. John will be able to let me know if the place actually still exists. I know the Spanish City at Whitley Bay disappeared a few years ago, so this might have gone the same journey. Random Trivia quiz, The Spanish City appears in which song by Dire Straits? Sting from the band ‘The Police’ used to hang out there too.

In case you are wondering the place itself was a part of a seaside town arcade that was opened in round about 1910, it was the small brother of Blackpool Pleasure beach. It is called the Spanish city as the original concept was actually made of wood and canvas and then painted up to look like a Spanish city as a group of toreadors came to put on a show in round about 1906. They came every year. The actual frontage itself is about 60m long with a depth of about 70m.

This is it in about 1910…

4 thoughts on “A Night Off

  1. Haha, brilliant! 🙂 Yep, Ocean Beach fairground/amusement park is still there, although it’s appearance has maybe changed! There’s usually still plenty of activity each year getting it ready for the Easter weekend, when there’s a big influx of visitors (except this year)!
    And after being closed and run down for years, Spanish City was re-opened a few years ago, although I don’t think it’s a funfair any more – one of my old haunts as a teenager, as I lived in Whitley Bay before I got married!

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    1. I was in Heaton as a student so at the other end of the coast road. My two final teaching practices were Battle Hill and the Whitehouse Primary. I used to go along to the coast a fair bit as a student. I actually had my first puff of a cigarette in the Spanish City. Never took up the habit though.

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