I leapt out of bed this morning and galloped into the shed to find some nicely (well okay they could be better) farm buildings suitable for my 6mm Japanese Games. The block in the middle had certainly worked and they now pretty much had doors.

I decided to get the fences painted this evening and managed to get a fair old way through on them. There may actually be more paint on me than on them though.

You will have to believe me but the fences are a grey/brown colour that looks pretty nice for aged wood. The solid farm house are still pretty much in their undercoat, but the hollow ones have had a bit of a paint, not that you can really tell.

As expected, as soon as I walked into the nursery today, my little chef legged it to the cooker to make my cake, as he had forgotten to give me it yesterday…

Finally, this made me laugh far too much…

Hopefully I will get some more done on the fences tomorrow. I also pick up the new(ish) car tomorrow. Both of my cheap run abouts have died, which is a right pain as they are not worth it to get repaired. But tomorrow I pick up a RAV4… I can honestly say that this is the first car I have ever driven and actually thought Wow, I like driving this.

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