Tonight I was mooching about looking for an RPG and came across some of my old sketches. As my middle child is well into her art then she wanted to look at them, to cut a long story short… we did some drawing this evening instead of me painting… so my sketches from 30 odd years ago…

And my art from this evening…

I decided to ease myself back in gently. She was wanting to draw all sorts of complicated things. To be honest I quite enjoyed it, so didn’t miss painting the castle at all. No doubt she will want to do some more tomorrow… you have been warned 😂.

My youngest drew a wolf the other week to join in With the art at the time…I don’t know why but this makes me smile every time I look at it…

A new character in Peppa Pig perhaps?
Wolf from his sister…

17 thoughts on “Drawings Old and New

  1. Those are some good drawing skills! I am envious! Honestly, my closest circle of friends growing up were all great a drawing and all work in commercial arts in some capacity. I credit my lack of skills in that department with deciding to go into the Engineering Sciences!
    Looking forward to more drawing arts!

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  2. That is a lovely way to spend an evening and it is good to see that artistic skills get passed on to the next generation! I’ve always been creative and artistic but neither of my parents showed as much interest as I do so I’ve always been curious about that. Speaking of drawing, I too drew my fair share of LOTR fan art when I was young and before the movies came out 🙂

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