Achieved sod All tonight, this is not totally accurate. I painted nothing, but I did get the pachy cavalry stuck onto lolly sticks and then got them and some 28mm resin stuff undercoated.

I also got some more walls sliced. My plan is to make a small based town using the printed buildings surrounded by the stone walls. I will have a go at the wooden walls for a village tomorrow.

I was busy today building a sitootery. Basically a conservatory made by myself (its a good Shetland word). Pretty much got most of the frame up today. We made concrete a few days ago which has cured nicely. tomorrow I shall carry on with it. Only one minor injury today, I tried bending my finger 90 degrees in the wrong direction!

Whilst marinading in the bath I was watching one of my all time favourite YouTube channels…

This guy is a legend… he covers all kind of craft and I just find his voice so soothing. Someone said it was a Louisiana accent, but I honestly haven’t got a clue.

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