We seem to have a successful print! Huzzah!!! I have got it under the UV light (hence the blue tint).

So what have I learned from this print.

  • First, remember to take bog roll into the shed with you as things need cleaning.
  • Second, get a bigger tub for the ISO, it is a great size for cleaning the model, but not the plate.
  • Third, get a small jug or a plastic funnel as the resin bottle neck is smaller than the filter supplied.
  • Fourth, liquid resin goes everywhere, especially when the filter doesn’t fit the bottle.
  • Fifth, get a silicone mat to help cover the work top. Newspaper will work but will go through. (Luckily I had an A3 plastic folder handy).

Am I happy, yes I am. Got a bit of a headache with the various fumes, so will need to invest in a proper respirator.

Tomorrow I will print the milk maids. The awesome thing is… 6 of them will take the same amount of time to print as one.

Right I am off to bed, good night one and all, well I am off to bed in about 15 minutes, I need to turn off the UV light.

9 thoughts on “It Works!

  1. Looking good! Soft details are often due to too long exposure times when printing. It depends on the resin used and layer thickness, I suggest playing around with those. For curing, you often don’t need hugely long times, a few minutes under the lamp is usually enough, again depending on resin. You can try denting the underside of the model (somewhere not visible) with your fingernail, if it doesn’t leave a mark it’s cured – or this is the benchmark I use at least. Small models like regular sized minis are usually not worth hollowing, as you save a minimal amount of resin. Terrain, monsters etc. are worth doing it on though!

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    1. Cheers mate, I reckon they will be cured then, they were under the light for about 2 hours. Long exposure, I will have a play around and see what I come up with. What distance do you have your light at?

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      1. I use a nail salon lamp, so the minis are pretty close to the lamps in the curing chamber. As for exposure, I’m using 8-9 seconds per layer at 0.05mm layers, although that’s dependent on your resin. There’s a community created Google Sheet online with plenty of different resins and tested settings.

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      2. Cheers. I have a small lamp used for curing jewellery and then a big one, I need to make a box and get some reflective material in…My layer cure was set at 8 seconds, so dropped it to 7 for this lot, and will bump it to 9 for the next one. I will look out the sheet later on.

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      3. Yeah definitely play around with layer curing times, they can make a huge difference. Usually soft details are because of too long layer curing times, so just experiment away! The lower curing time you can get away with, the better, as it obviously also means quicker prints.


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