I really, really couldn’t be bothered tonight, but I forced myself to do a little bit on the village. My Get up and go evidently got up and went. But never mind progress is progress.

My horse went out into his summer grazing today so we can have a lie in in the morning. I really, really need one. I found out a really interesting thing today. If you don’t eat that much then scoff loads of walnuts then your world drops out your bottom. It was a definite case of Imodium or a cork. Luckily we had some of the former in the house.

So I got everything that needed it washed in a sepia wash I made myself. It really has sat too long so I need to redo it. This was my first attempt using washing up liquid which foams if you shake it vigorously. I also undercoated all of the flora and fauna in the pond white. This is to allow the colours to show up better when they get done. Finally I got some red on things that needed to be red.

Hopefully I will feel more like painting tomorrow.

My new toy came today. It is a sonic cleaner. I have a bucketload of painted miniatures that need stripping. I got a cheap one to see how it does. So far nothing seems to have budged, but to be honest I don’t actually know how long it will take. If anyone knows then I am all ears.

Today’s random re-enactment photo is this one…

Lance swirling without a horse!

15 thoughts on “Japanese Village…Further Work

  1. Crikey, that all looks brilliant! 🙂 Now I need to get my Ronin rules out and have a look at my samurai and Ming Chinese who have been languishing too long in a box somewhere.

    You maybe need to consider the order in which you present us with some of the facts. Reading about the walnuts and then the sepia wash had me quite concerned at first! 😉

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