Today I sliced all of the bits to go into the pond. I printed the pond at 100% but all of the flora and fauna at 50%. It made some really small things!

I was surprised at how well the fish and turtles etc came out. To be honest the Lilly pads struggled a bit at 50%

I shoved some of them into the smaller pond too…

I am really chuffed at how well they look. I have actually bought some resin so that I can add ‘water’ to these. It is so long since I have done anything like this it will be interesting to give it a go. I am also going to add some to the paddies and if there is anything left then I can make some canal pieces up too.

I had a print failure today. I started printing some building pieces for my mates birthday and for some reason I had a failed print. One of the end pieces came partially adrift and was threatening spaghetti monster everywhere. Now in hindsight,as it had been just under 2 hours, I could have actually kept it going instead of cancelling the print. The piece hadn’t fully come adrift. I could have done a rescue ‘hold it in place’ rescue so that the rest could have printed…. ah well hindsight is a great thing.

7 thoughts on “Printing Pond life

  1. See, we’re all following this keenly since we don’t see many people print ponds and aquatic life! 🙂 I think it all looks excellent and am really looking forward to seeing the village, shrine, ponds and, of course, figures, all in action! 🙂

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