Well after yesterday’s total mess of a print I decided to try and do something to help the print overnight. First of all I bumped up the temperature to 224 for the overnight section of the print.

Other thing I did was to build a temporary box for the printer to work in.

It’s in there somewhere

So after a bit of a worrying night, I woke up to a great print… mega phews were breathed.

Print one on the left, print two on the right

The biggest problem I had was getting the bloody supports off. It was a 22 hour print and it seemed like 22 hours to get the support off. It was a nightmare! In the end I managed to pull only one foot off. You can just about see the line on the front foot.

It is a mighty Beasty and was well worth printing. Okay it took 34 hours in total (60 if you include the couple of duff prints). But it did save me £158 printing it. A whole roll of filament costs £18 for a 1kg roll. The whole thing weighs about 160g. So roughly £3.00 (a bit more for failed prints).

I have just measured him…he measure 12 inches (30cm) long. He does look large next to the Saurus cavalry and Kroxigor. (And this is at 70% size of the original!)

He is missing his crest.

The major buggeration I have is that with the lock down is that I am running out of white spray paint. Places won’t post up here so I might have to hold fire on painting things for a while. I was going to phone ahead to the car place and buy some over the phone then pick them up from the door.

This shit has totally got real very quickly. I honestly think I have been sitting in a little bubble and somehow have persuaded myself that everything was going to be tickety-boo.

Tomorrow I will try and get something painted (unless I find something new and exciting to print).

12 thoughts on “Dread Saurian… AKA the Big Beasty

  1. That is a massive creature! So increasing your hot end seemed to rid you of the print fault lines, awesome. Did you slow the print speed down as well? And how much do you think insulating the box to keep the ambiance temperature higher right around the print helped?
    I ask as I see those faults from time to time.

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  2. Wow, that is one big Plasteosaurus! The one walking by toting a giant lamp post is no slouch either by the looks of it. I’m sorry to hear that you are running out of white paint.

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  3. That is a very impressive looking lizard! It is a bummer that the lockdown is slowing down your hobby however. I’ll talk about it when I get to my weekly post but the lockdown in UK is starting to affect my hobby here in the states which is a bummer. I hope you’re able to get the spray you need soon!

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  4. Been enjoying the progress of your dread saurian – glad it seems to have come good in the end. Impressed by the saving price-wise as well, I’m increasingly curious about the way things are progressing with 3d printing and that alone is a big draw. Did you ever get the points cost of the big lad by the way? The warscroll builder on the GW website lists it at 510 points.

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    1. Cheers mate. The printing costs are really low, that is if you don’t balls things up too many times. I have got a step pyramid, I printed it at a smaller scale to go with my 15mm Aztecs. The 28mm version will take half a kilogram of filament and it was something like 30 odd hours to print. Okay cost wise roughly £9 in filament But if it goes wrong then it will take double the amount so double the cost. Still half the price of the GW one, but I am not going to bother printing it full scale as I have so much blue foam that I could make a huge one. I might print some stairs off and add them to the foam one. I have a pile of embellishments too that I could print off. Thanks for the points. I couldn’t seem to find them so much appreciated. Double the price of everything else 😂

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