So it has been printing for 21 hours now and it is a bloody mess. Some major fault lines part way through the build. The only thing I can think of is that overnight the ambient temperature in the shed dropped significantly causing the layers to not bond properly the bottom few and upper ones are fine, just the middle bits over night.

I might be able to save it with a Greenstuff skin over the worst bits, but part of me thinks it is going to be a waste of time.

Bugger… or words to that effect!

It comes off in an hour and I will see what kind of a mess it is when I get the supports off.

The tail that I printed is as tall as this, but had no problems at all. It has either had a partial clog that has pushed through or it is a temperature thing. If I restart when it comes off, I can increase the temperature of the nozzle overnight. Hopefully that will sort it out…

No problems with the tail.

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