So, as I said yesterday, I had been printing something terrain wise for my Seraphon Force. Here it is…

Seven hours forty three minutes to print…

I plonked a couple of Saurus next to it to give you a size of scale.

Not everything is perfect though… it has bloody big gaps in it. Now these can be filled etc, but it does mean that there is a problem with the printer. Probably some sort of under extrusion or for some reason the layers aren’t bonding together properly. The latter might be caused by damp in the filament. The roll has been on there for a good while, and as the heating packed in in the shed it has not been the best conditions.

I also started on the dread Saurian. This is a Seraphon Mega Beasty. Now I don’t have the dosh to buy one, so I thought I would print it.

This thing is …king huge! I actually dropped the size down to 70% as the body wouldn’t fit on the build plate. As you can see, even scaled down it is a bit on the large side…The head alone is bigger than the large scale Saurus hero.

A mere four and a half hours to print this!

Now the problem I have is that I don’t want to try printing the body until the printer problem is sorted.

The Mega-Beasty comes in four parts. Head, torso, tail and finally head decoration. I am printing the latter right now and I think, just by looking at it, that there are going to be problems. It is splitting apart in places, funnily enough at roughly the same height as the throne and head.

As a total aside, I am still having the panic episodes which quite frankly are doing my head in. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so hopefully he can help out. On the up side of all of this, I am noticing the warning signs a lot more, the panic attacks at present might be due to me fighting back.

9 thoughts on “Off the Printer

  1. Like the printed bits! Hope everything goes well with the doctor – these are anxious times and recognising that and talking to a doctor’s a good move. I can do my bit to help by not mentioning getting the bases flocked for the Aztecs and Saurians (oops)! 😉

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  2. I just love that bit of terrain mate , good luck with the printing of the huge beasty and a wise move the get checked out by the doc , too many blokes don’t !😡


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